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Sarina Williams

Is Not A Career Politician

  Sarina Williams calls Michiana her home along with her husband, six children and two grand-babies. Sarina is an active member of her community. A detailed planner, with strong leadership skills, she has been busy giving back to, and supporting the Michiana area. 

  She serves regularly in her church nursery and women's ministry. She is involved in the local homeschool community through various activities, including coaching Track and Volleyball as well as being instrumental in providing programs for our community to enhance children's educational experiences.


  A homeschool mother is no small task. Her lifestyle and the support of her husband offers her the flexibility to follow her passion while staying rooted at home. Through her work, she is able to coach women through regional and national conventions, mentor leaders in a variety of professional dimensions and work with local groups to bring up the next generation. 

Sarina is the Founder and President of Vice-2-Virtue Ministries. She has worked intermittently in the nursing field for over 20 years. She brings a professional, proactive and positive attitude to every engagement. 


  "My family and I love our lives here in the Hoosier State!" Williams said. “Whether watching Notre Dame football  together, attending weekly church services, enjoying family game or movie nights at home, or just tackling the yard-work and household chores, we are committed to being a close-knit family.

  When Sarina made the decision to run for state representative her family, friends and community rallied behind her. "We all witnessed the world shutting down, as people's choices and freedoms were being taken away.” 

  Dedicated to protecting Indiana, and building an even stronger state for our Hoosier families to thrive in, Sarina Williams is determined to take on the establishment and fight for our freedoms at the state house. 


To learn more about Sarina Williams please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Sarina Williams does more than volunteer her time.  She believes that investing in others is a privilege. 

She invest in coaching our youth and mentoring young peoples groups. 

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Sarina has enjoyed investing in our community and working along side other strong women leaders through teaching, coaching, and mentoring. 

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Sarina believe in showing honor where honor is due. In 2020 amid the dangers surrounding officers, she organizing a group of community members and they provided an appreciation luncheon. She will always stand with our Law Enforcement. 

Police Banquet
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     Sarina and I were both on the leadership team of an Indiana Liberty Organization. She was the Leadership Trainer working with leaders across the state and overseeing a northern region. She has a passion for liberty and teaching citizens about their rights, so they can become more involved in the activities of their Government. I love that she is so approachable and open to ideas! Sarina is formidable and will stand in he face of adversity to do what is right. 

Lindsey Taner Hammond - Founding Member, Indiana Freedom Coalition