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The 2021 Score Cards Are In

This page was created because Sarina gets asked this often

"Please send me some information as to what your differences are with Jake Teshka. Both your flier and Jake's flier state the same conservative values." - Barb 

This gives you, the voter, a place to see the 2021and 2022 amendments that impacted your freedom


Sarina Williams

Sarina has promised to join Representative Nisly and Representative Jacob at the Statehouse in their fight to end abortion.
She will not regulate abortion, like so many politicians are doing, but rather fight to end it once and for all in our state by seeking to pass the Protection of Life bill.

She is also involved with Hoosiers for Life, the statewide group responsible for the Protection of Life bill.

Jake Teshka

Teshka's Vote on SB 325 AMENDMENT 12


Teshka voted in favor of killing the pro-life amendment to this bill.

In voting "yes," Teshka supported House Leadership in killing an amendment that would have required the Indiana State Department of Health to revoke an entity's license if that entity knowingly and intentionally participated in ending the life of an innocent human being. 

The Indiana code already states that human life begins at conception (IC 16-34-2-1.1). SB325 Amendment 12 attempted to reinforce this definition, yet Teshka was an accomplice in killing the amendment.

Over 800 babies will die this year in Indiana because of abortion. 

Why doesn't Teshka seem to care about the urgency of this matter?


Sarina Williams

Sarina believes a baby's life begins at conception.

If a baby is born prematurely, it deserves medical care just like any other human being. 

To think that babies will be denied medical care because "they were born a few weeks too early" is horrifying. 

Yet, this is the terrible pain many Hoosier families have experienced. Our corrupt medical system has allowed premature babies to die without potential lifesaving care.

Jake Teshka


Teshka voted again in favor of killing a pro-life amendment to a bill.

In voting "yes," Teshka voted to kill an amendment that would have protected premature babies. 

Indiana already extends legal protections to babies who survive abortions. This amendment would have extended these legal protections to all premature babies, not just those who survive abortions.

Due to outrage among Hoosier voters, House Leadership brought the amendment back to a separate bill, which Teshka voted in favor of the second time around.

If Teshka is so pro-life, why did he kill the pro-life amendment the first time, thus refusing medical care to premature babies?


Sarina Williams

Sarina strongly believes that no person should be forced, coerced, or penalized into receiving a vaccine.

Individual citizens are responsible for their own health and health decisions.

Jake Teshka
Teshka's Vote on SB 325 AMENDMENT 15

Teshka voted against this amendment, which would have protected Hoosier's medical liberty against bureaucratic leadership. 
House Leadership, with Teshka's help, killed this amendment that would have prohibited hospitals, physicians' offices, businesses, health officials, or any state or local government agency from coercing an individual to release information about their vaccination status, proof of immunity, or results of a medical test in order to participate or gather.

 It sounds like Teshka is okay with vaccine passports, doesn't it?


Sarina Williams:

In line with her beliefs on vaccine choice, Sarina firmly believes that no individual should be excluded from society because they chose to say "no" to an experimental "vaccine" that has caused medical complications and even death to countless people. 

Jake Teshka


Teshka voted against this amendment, which would have supported medical liberty by ensuring that employers who discriminated against employees declining a mandatory COVID vaccination were not eligible for general COVID immunity provided by SB1.

If you don't get the jab for medical or health reasons or moral convictions, Teshka is fine with your employer discriminating against you.


Sarina Williams:

Sarina believes God is the head of the Church.

Therefore, the government has no right to prohibit the free exercise of religious liberty that is in line with the biblical foundations of God's Word and our Constitution.

Jake Teshka


Our voice was silenced when Teshka didn't vote on this amendment, which would have supported protecting the right to worship (even during a state of emergency) by prohibiting the governor from setting limitations on church operations by executive order.

If the governor says you can't go to church, apparently Teshka is okay with that too because Teshka didn't vote.

If the governor says you can't go to church, apparently Teshka is okay with that too, because Teshka didn't vote.


Sarina believes that the right to protect oneself, one's family, and innocent individuals is a God-given right.

Jake Teshka



Teshka voted against this amendment, which supported true Constitutional Carry by removing language in the Constitutional Carry bill that gun rights experts warned could lead to the creation of a super database that would contain information about prohibited persons from NICS and IDACS. Records are notoriously incomplete, inaccurate, and oftentimes you will get responses from people with similar names. Interjecting this unreliable information into a police stop might lead to identifying an armed, law abiding gun owner as a felon and would create challenging situations.

TESHKA did vote for Constitutional Carry this year, ONLY after he realized he missed a recorded vote, but why did he refuse to vote for it last year?